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I like your new haircut

by I like your new haircut

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Polar Bear 02:33
Today I drew a picture of a polar bear he was swimming underwater, he had no ears he had no paws, he had no tail he was underwater.
Cuda Fish 03:34
We were friends in a summer once and we were fun and foolish and we spent every day together we're young and we had this dog, she wasn't really ours but her dad was in Alaska for summer. I woke up and I saw you once and it was on your birthday and it was snowing in Seattle we danced to the DJ's song I'm sorry I left early that girl was never right for me anyway. I woke up nearly shaved my head I saw your online status and all it said was 'F*ck you cancer'. I wake up but I stay in bed. I learned to live without you, I finally wrote this song about you.
Fire Ants 03:15
You never take the time to answer when I call you on the phone From everything that I could know of you it seems your'e all alone. You twitter quietly about the linen dress you bought on sale but You won't take the time to talk to me I try to no avail I bet you've got some things that you would like to get off of my chest You showed a splinter of your intellect now let me see the rest I'll tell you anything I've got no shame just ask me I confess Sometimes before I go to sleep at night I'm thinking of your dress You know you're keeping things that I would like to take off of your chest You showed a sliver of your interest now showe me all thats left You tell me anything I cast no blame come put me to the test I've got a can of pineapple juice and a hanger for your dress I just dont' know why you refuse to talk to me on the telephone your email sounded so sincere but when I call you're never home let's hold hands in the park and after dark I'll ask about that dress but you won't take the time to pick up the phone, call me back I guess.
King Hippo 02:38
Samples taken from Death Rides a Horse (1967) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=sywaCKY2a_8
Surly Parrot 02:14
You ask my opinion I gave it quite often I it filled up the space with the things that we'd say. But this time it's different your'e asking no questions you're suddenly absent I've got no reason I don't know you're motives it seems that you're distant. I thought that there was something wrong with my face. I'm endlessly chirping I'm constantly searching I whistle when I ride my bike I smile at the girls I like their haircuts and fashions it makes me go batty I turn into putty with just the right phrasing manners and grammer of upmost importance. Makes me go wild when the things that you write convey all emotion through punctuation.
I want to be the only boy to braise your greens. I'm your best line of fit and I've got the points to show I know you say that you don't need me and I think its' cute that you are playing hard to get and I think I ought to know. I've seen it many times so please don't let me go. You know that this is the way that I am being mean to you by asking you to stay here with me when you've told me that you'll never give away your independence but I'm telling you I'm your best line of fit and I think you see it too. I'm the best you'll get look at your data set. When you say that you don't need me come and show your proof.
Bald Bull 02:26
Simple song now you're gone, I still get to carry on everything electronically. I brushed your hair, you bit my lip, and that was just the tip of it, didn't realize you had plans for me. Simple song now your'e gone, you never called me on the phone, everything left unsaid to me. But you know I like your hair, and I'm much better for the wear. In the end this is good for me. I know you're right. Sometimes I act much too uptight. The mood was wrong, I'm not your type. It doesn't help me sleep well tonight. Just cause you're silent doesn't make you right. Just cause you're silent doesn't make you right.
Vegan Wasp 02:36
Sing me love songs, send me valentines. Do you remember the time we crossed the hawthorne bridge in total silence? Write me notes that tell of things you've done, cherry afternoons and killing wasps in summer, though you're against it. Let's go to the river. Let's give our leftovers to a homeless man did you see that look in his eye? Say my name in French if it saves you time. Do you remember when my hand passed cross your hip and you were silent. Trying not to be the jealous type, cause if you choose me fine but if you won't it's been a lovely summer. And if it helps you get to sleep at night, we can light a joint and listen to Joanna Newsom.
Vulgar Swan 03:23
I wrote a song for you, I got my haircut too. What am I supposed to do? I'm standing in the place where you last saw me I'm bending time and space so you can still hear me. What is logic to me and you? I'm floating down the path that we walked on the esplanade, I'm documenting all our pet names and forget me nots, there are futures without me. Yeah I wrote a song for you but you will never hear it. I got my haircut too but you won't come near it. What am I supposed to do? You might not believe me. No you might not believe me. You might not believe me.


I made this for you.


released March 10, 2011

All songs written by I like your new haircut.

Basho Parks - violin
Emily Macdonald - additional vocals, accordion, trumpet, organ,
Aaron Macdonald - drums, guitar
Zach Kronser - trumpet
I like your new haircut - vocals, ukulele, drum machines, synths, guitar, air organ

Samples taken from Death Rides a Horse (1967) -

Aaron and Emily can be found at theleaningtowers.com


all rights reserved



I like your new haircut Portland, Oregon

Carbon based, 3rd planet, yellow sun.

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